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Got a push message few weeks ago regarding stable version of Android N, i was already enrolled in the beta program of android 7 (N) . I’ve noticed quite a few bugs and issues with the beta version itself. Being in the beta scheme, where google distributed the “not so stable version to geeks” i was excited about the fact that they looking to fix the bugs inspite of me giving grand invitation to invade my privacy by using my phone’s data, who wouldn’t like to be the nice guy after all?!


Here’s the screenshot of the notification card, the size was around 800mb, and it took 10-12 minutes before it took 20 minutes to install! (a big shout out to Reliance JIO)!

Excitement Level: 56789098765 🙂



Following is the quick video of freshly updated Android

The interface is pretty smooth, the settings option makes a lot of sense now, full marks for UX on this one! overall i think there’s not much difference in the beta version and stable version.


  • Better UX (in terms of settings, accessibility, saw that in beta version)
  • Faster Apps (still early days, will give the benefit of doubt)
  • The CLEAR ALL option (as discussed in the google event)
  • Multi Screen Option
  • “OK Google ” got a bit smarter
  • Cards in the home screen have better context
  • Google Material Specs can be seen in every aspects of the operating system, buttons, transactions, making the “google experience better”


  • Even though Marshmallow lagged a bit, the battery life was decent enough. *sad face*
  • Heating up issue is back on this one! THE DAMN SCREEN IS ALWAYS ON FIRE!
  • Constant ShutDowns!: I am using N since 2 weeks, and there was a few time when the phone just went off, without warning! 🙁
  • The camera still has focus issues! (it’s kind of common with nexus 6, i was expecting a bug removal update)

so to summarize the entire experience:



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